Economic effects of mining in the municipality of Bataraza, Palawan, Philippines

Based on the Provincial Poverty Scanning of Palawan conducted by local researchers from Palawan for Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) as part of its poverty reduction program in coordination with the Palawan NGO Network, Inc. (PNNI) on November 2005, municipality of Bataraza is still on the top five (5) priority area for intervention when in comes to poverty alleviation.  This study would show that based on the selected poverty indicators that were being utilized and basis for analysis, municipality of Bataraza  was included in the rank of municipalities deprived in the access of basic services such as: (1) access to potable water, (2) access to sanitary toilets, (3) prevalence of underweight children, (4) infant mortality and maternal mortality rate, (5) elementary/secondary participation rate, (6) elementary cohort-survival rate, (7) ownership of housing units and lots, (8) dwelling units with strong roof/strong wall materials, (9) access to electricity, (10) employed persons 15 years and above and underemployed persons.  The following are identified as priority areas for intervention on poverty reduction: first priority – Bataraza, Espanola, Coron, Quezon and Rizal; second priority – San Vicente, Balabac, Taytay, Agutaya and Dumaran.  The methods used in data analysis were Ranking of municipalities according to levels of deprivation based on poverty indicators; Ranking of municipalities using the World Bank Quintile Method and Color coding of municipalities based on ranks. Ranking from first priority to fifth/last priority was done in the following manner and color codes: Top 5 municipalities (bottom 20%) Red; 2nd 5 municipalities (fourth 20%) Orange; 3rd 5 municipalities (third 20%) Yellow; 4th 5 municipalities (second 20%) Pale Green and 5th 4 municipalities (top 20%) DarkGreen.  

 Table 1: HEALTH-Percentage of HHs w/access to sanitary toilets                                             (PHO 2004)


2 3 4
Espanola Coron San Vicente Cuyo
Dumaran Bataraza Araceli Magsaysay
Culion Quezon Brooke’s Pt Narra
Cagayancillo Aborlan El Nido Roxas
Balabac Taytay Agutaya  

 Table 2: HEALTH-Percentage of HHs w/access to potable water                                        (NSO 2000)


2 3 4 5
Agutaya Dumaran Linapacan Quezon Brooke’s Pt
Magsaysay Cuyo Rizal Culion Aborlan
Cagayancillo El Nido Taytay Coron Puerto Prin.
Kalayaan Roxas Busuanga San Vicente Narra
Balabac Araceli Bataraza Espanola  

 Table 3: HEALTH-Prevalence of underweight children (PHO 2004)


2 3 4 5
Espanola Culion Dumaran Narra Bataraza
Brooke’s Pt Magsaysay Coron Rizal Roxas
Agutaya Linapacan Aborlan Taytay  
Cagayancillo Araceli El Nido San Vicente  
Busuanga Quezon Balabac Cuyo  

 Table 4: HEALTH-Infant Mortality Rate (PHO 2004)


2 3 4
Espanola Linapacan Cagayancillo Busuanga
Araceli Narra Rizal Coron
Dumaran Balabac Taytay Roxas
Quezon Brooke’s Pt Bataraza Agutaya
Culion Cuyo San Vicente Magsaysay

 Table 5: HEALTH-Maternal Mortality Rate (PHO 2004)


2 3
Espanola Bataraza Roxas
Balabac Narra Brooke’s Pt
Culion Rizal  
Cuyo Aborlan  
Cagayancillo Quezon  

Table 6: EDUCATION-Elementary participation rate (DepEd 2004)


2 3 4 5
Bataraza Culion Aborlan Balabac Cuyo
Espanola San Vicente Busuanga Araceli Magsaysay
Quezon Taytay Roxas Linapacan  
Rizal Dumaran El Nido Agutaya  
Brooke’s Pt Narra Coron Cagayancillo  

 Table 7: EDUCATION-Secondary participation rate 

(HDR 2000)


2 3 4
Kalayaan El Nido Brooke’s Pt Cagayancillo
Quezon Balabac Bataraza Aborlan
Puerto Prin. San Vicente Dumaran Roxas
Coron Busuanga Taytay Magsaysay
Agutaya Araceli Rizal Linapacan

Table 8: EDUCATION-Elementary Cohort-Survival Rate (DepEd 2004)


2 3 4 5
Quezon Brooke’s Pt Busuanga Cuyo Magsaysay
Coron Culion Taytay Puerto Prin.  
Espanola San Vicente Araceli Agutaya  
Rizal El Nido Aborlan  Cagayancillo  
Bataraza Dumaran Narra Roxas  

 Table 9: HOUSING-Percentage of HHs w/access to electricity (NSO 2000)


2 3 4 5
Dumaran Espanola Brooke’s Pt Coron Magsaysay
Rizal Linapacan Aborlan Culion Cuyo
Bataraza Taytay Roxas Araceli Puerto Prin.
Quezon El Nido Busuanga Narra Kalayaan
Balabac San Vicente Cagayancillo Agutaya  

    Table 10: HOUSING-Percentage of HHs w/ housing units & lots owned (2000)


2 3 4 5
Agutaya Brooke’s Pt Espanola Balabac Cagayancillo
Puerto Prin. Roxas Bataraza Quezon Magsaysay
San Vicente Aborlan Cuyo Araceli Culion
Coron Taytay El Nido Linapacan  
Busuanga Dumaran Narra Rizal  

 Table 11: HOUSING-Percentage of HHs w/strong roof materials                                         (NSO 2000)


2 3 4 5
Busuanga Taytay El Nido Balabac Magsaysay
Rizal Bataraza Roxas San Vicente Cuyo
Linapacan Espanola Brooke’s Pt Agutaya Cagayancillo
Dumaran Quezon Aborlan Narra Kalayaan
Coron Araceli Culion Puerto Prin.  

 Table 12: HOUSING-Percentage of HHs w/strong wall materials (NSO 2000)


2 3 4 5
Rizal Dumaran Agutaya Araceli Puerto Prin.
Linapacan Coron Roxas Aborlan Magsaysay
Balabac Bataraza El Nido Culion Cuyo
Busuanga Taytay Brooke’s Pt Cagayancillo Kalayaan
Quezon Espanola San Vicente Narra  

Table 13: EMPLOYMENT-Employed persons 15 yrs. & above (HDR 2000)


2 3 4
Espanola Roxas Brooke’s Pt Dumaran
Linapacan San Vicente Bataraza Balabac
Agutaya Magsaysay Narra Araceli
Coron Taytay El Nido Quezon
Aborlan Cagayancillo Busuanga Rizal

 Table 14: EMPLOYMENT-Underemployed persons (HDR 2000)


2 3 4
Aborlan Bataraza Balabac Cagayancillo
Busuanga Roxas Narra Agutaya
Linapacan Rizal Quezon San Vicente
Araceli Espanola Taytay Magsaysay
Dumaran Brooke’s Pt El Nido Coron



1 Comment

  1. Iza Manas said,

    February 7, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Bataraza is a first class municipality which means that it is earning a lot of tax. I am pretty sure the municipality receives the amount they deserve and maybe a lot more. So then, why do poverty still shout at the place? I think that it is SO SHORTSIGHTED of you to pin these lack of progress as a shortcoming of the mining company. Can’t you not ask yourself, “where do all the money go?” Is Bataraza’s poverty not an issue of corruption and bad governance? or you just refuse to see it that way because you want to use these figures to your advantage so you can throw at mining companies you really know nothing about!

    I lived there all my life and the company was very helpful to our community. They even provide services up and beyond what they are just supposed to give as legislated by the law. No one cared for the indigenous people’s welfare more.

    Yes, mining has its disadvantages! what doesn”t? The company there had been more than responsible in minimizing their environmental impact. Have you seen the reforested areas? It is possible! I have seen it! They are spending more for these environment projects but they do it just the same, unlike other industries i know.

    Bataraza also has produced a good number of professionals over the years; licensed professionals, I must say. I am one of those. And the company has a part in that, some indirectly. Think of those opportunities given to the youth? Is that not a good service to our country?

    I cannot imagine what would happen to that place if the company shuts down. A lot of people would lose their job. Who would provide those free medical services to the people, especially the indigenous people? Professionals would fly back and squeeze in to the already crowded cities. Merchants of course would lose their customers. And please don’t talk about tourism. Have you seen the place? Not every place in Palawan looks like El Nido. We do have beaches but I personally think tourists wouldn’t travel that far south for those places.

    Please!I beg you, leave us alone. We are living our quiet lives there. Be rest assured that we will take care of the environment because it is our HOME. No one would suffer more if we don’t. Open your eyes to the truth that is staring you in the face and don’t be a puppet to that rich, hypocrite person who you know has hidden agendas of her own.

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